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#1 : 16/01-19 07:00
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Is it possible to script changing the Exif CreateDate value of an mp4 file? I was able to manually change the Exif CreateDate using the Metadata button but does scripting only allow for changing the filename?

My problem is detailed in this post here: but in short, I have a bunch of redundant files formatted like File1.mp4, File1_1.mp4, File2.mp4, File2_1.mp4, File3.mp4, File3_1.mp4, etc. and I need to look up the CreateDate Exif value of File1.mp4 and set it for File1_1.mp4 and so on for each pair of files.

I came across this tool and hoping I can script it as I have hundreds of files. Was thinking I could maybe run a pre-batch script to create an associative array of filenames and their corresponding CreateDate Exif value and then for each file ending in _1.mp4 I'd look up the corresponding filename in the array and use its value to set the CreateDate value.

Let me know if this would be possible. Thanks!

16/01-19 07:00