Handling two character YEAR value in filename

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#1 : 13/02-19 11:59
Joop S
Joop S
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Hello all,

I have a bunch of videofiles with the filename pattern like 180601-210000_180601-220000
It represents the original created and modified date and time of the videofiles, but due the fact they has been converted, the metadata modified date and time are not correct anymore.

Using the timestamp method with 4 digit Year value in the filename works perfectly to re-adjust the metadata Modified to the correct date and time.

So my question is: How can I use the timestamp method for videofiles displaying two digit Year values in the filenames?

Thanks in advance!


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#2 : 13/02-19 17:14
David Lee
David Lee
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I don't think 2-digit years are supported in the Timestamp method.

A workaround would be to edit the filenames to contain 4-digit dates - then set the timestamps and remove the added digits from the filenames (if required).

You will have to do this in two passes since the Timestamp method appears to search the ORIGINAL filename for the pattern.

It would be worth emailing Kim - the author - to request that 2-digit year support be added to a future version of Advanced Renamer.

13/02-19 17:14
#3 : 16/02-19 12:53
Joop S
Joop S
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Reply to #2:
Thanx, David, a little bit more to do, but works fine!

16/02-19 12:53