Batch mode copy/move using Exif to create folders

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#1 : 23/02-19 00:12
short cipher
short cipher
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I have 9000+ JPG/HEIC files. I want to archive them in folders that look like this: E:\archive\2019\2019_02\2019_02_19. I don't want the filenames changed.

I tried to use the batch move feature to do this. I created a pattern: E:\archive\<Year Created>\<Year Created>_<Month Created>\<Year Created>_<Month Created>_<Day Created>

Then clicked "Start Batch"

What I thought would happen is the Exif created date/time for each file would be used and I'd see a bunch of folders like:

.(created folder names increment)

With all photos in their respective day date folders. However what I got was everything goes into a single folder E:\archive\2019\2019_02\2019_02_19

Am I doing something wrong? Is this possible?

Also, is there a way to move to the respective file based on Modified date IF there is no valid created date?


23/02-19 00:12
#2 : 25/02-19 17:09
David Lee
David Lee
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I've just tried this with a bunch of files and they were correctly distributed into the desired folders.

However the tags <Year Created> etc refer to the file timestamps NOT EXIF data so it's possible that all your files have the same CREATED date if you copied them all on the same day. If that is the case using <Year Modified> etc may be more reliable.

There may be several dates returned by ExifTool with names depending on the camera, device or application that created the file. Tags will have the format eg <ExifTool:DateTimeOriginal> and will return a string in the format 2014:05:18 00:05:07 (and sometimes include the timezone eg 2014:05:18 00:05:07+01:00). Unfortunately I don't think that there is any way of extracting a sub-string from such a tag without first renaming the files to contain the date/time string after which you can use the <Substr> tag to extract the desired components.

25/02-19 17:09 - edited 27/02-19 11:34