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#1 : 05/03-19 22:06
D Blake
D Blake
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Is it possible to rename a batch of folders from something like 'The xxx', to 'xxx, The'? If so, how do I achieve this please...

05/03-19 22:06
#2 : 06/03-19 16:14
David Lee
David Lee
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06/03-19 16:14
#3 : 06/03-19 18:23
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Reply to #1:

The three xxx
The xxx

three xxx, The
xxx, The

USE two method in conjunction:

method0001 :"REMOVEpattern"; pattern:"The "; applyto:"name"; d_removepattern

method0002 :"ADD"; add:", The"; position:"0"; backwards"; applyto:"name"; d_add

HTH? ;-)

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#4 : 07/03-19 00:24
David Lee
David Lee
Posts: 172
Reply to #3:
D Blake said "from SOMETHING LIKE 'The xxx' " - you should expect this also to include titles starting with an indefinite article (A or An).

The way to handle these options is to use the Replace method with a Regular Expression:

Replace: ^(A|An|The) (.*)
With: \2, \1

If you leave the "Case sensitive" box unchecked this will also handle instances where the first letter is lower case.

07/03-19 00:24