End of processing at large atom (LargeFileSupport not enabled)

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#1 : 24/03-19 03:05
Victor Steen
Victor Steen
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Is there a way to get around the "End of processing at large atom (LargeFileSupport not enabled)" warning that show up when running the ExifTools on large files?
When it occurs tag generation is interrupted and Advanced Renamer fails.
The ExifTool has a command line option: -api largefilesupport=1
that lets you get around this, but is there a way to include this when running Advanced Renamer?

24/03-19 03:05
#2 : 04/04-19 23:22
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I've got this same issue. I would like my camera model in the filename using:


However, if the file is over a certain size, this fails and nothing is added to the filename.

I think it works up to around 2GB>3GB sort of size and then doesn't work. I want to rename 4K video clips with the camera model but it doesn't seem to allow me to do this?

Any ideas? The alternative is to enter the camera information manually which is maybe what I'll just have to go ahead with each time.

Either way, any help is appreciated.


04/04-19 23:22