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#1 : 10/03-12 01:14
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I love this program and have been using it for years and with the recent update I would like to bring up a few things.

Bug: Renaming a folder with a dot in the name will cause an error for "Extension changed" (if the renaming changes the name after the dot).

Bug: Clicking "Add method" and then moving the pointer over the Preset dropdown will cause it to open and when leaving the dropdown the last preset will automatically reload (and thus replace any methods in use).

Bug: After loading a method list the name in the preset dropdown will remain on what it said prior to loading.

Bug: Clicking cancel when retrieving thumbnails does not seem to be working too well. This is when the list is already loaded and then asking to show thumbnails.

That was the boring stuff, so now onto some feature requests;

I know it has been mentioned before here on the forum, but I would also like to emphasis the need for unicode support.

An option to show "Last result" in the left column would be great as I do not use the "FileInfo Box" to free up more vertical space. Or at least a way to close it.

I really miss a part of the old search pattern in Add, Remove, and Move, that you could use the scroll wheel or arrow keys to change the numerical value. I'm guessing that functionality comes with that type of input field so a separate option when using numerical index would be great.

Another old feature I miss is the little summary when methods are collapsed so that it is easy to find a particular one in a long list of methods.

Most of the time when I rename I don't use tags and if the analyzing part when creating a list is only preformed in relation to that I would love an option to skip that.

I don't know if I dismissed a notification in the past but a more visible notification about available updates could be useful, unless this has already been changed since 3.05...

Thank you for this lovely creation! (Now if only that unicode support makes it in I can finally scrap my own project...)

10/03-12 01:14
#2 : 12/03-12 20:59
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
Thank you for all your feedback!

I will take a look at the bugs when I find the time for it. I cannot replicate the bug related to clicking Add method and then moving the mouse pointer over the preset drop down box.

Unicode support is also on top of my wish list. Unfortunately it requires big changes and a lot of testing to add unicode support. It will get released some day but I cannot say when.

When using the up/down arrows next to the edit boxes the boxes can only contain numbers. The up/down arrows were removed when I added support for using patterns instead of numbers. I might find another solution some day.

Method summaries were removed because they were hard to maintain and hard to translate. Instead you can now set a description manually by right clicking the method title.

The analyzing part is needed for AR to function properly. Even though you don't need the behavior of the tags, the files needs to be examined prior to adding them to AR.

Notifications about new updates are limited to a small message in the bottom of the screen. Personally I hate when software tries to force me to update.

12/03-12 20:59