no more capital letters after renaming

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#1 : 25/06-12 11:51
Thorsten Bahr
Thorsten Bahr
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I got the German version 3.24 installed, so I hope I use the correct terms in English.

Regardess of whether I tick the "consider Capital and small letters" in the list of renaming methods the renamed files are ALWAYS 100% in small letters.
Did I overlook anything?
How can I make sure that the capital letters in the original file name are kept as they are

Thanks for any advise in advance

25/06-12 11:51
#2 : 25/06-12 19:01
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It seems very odd that you experience this behavior. Can save the method list to a file and send it to me? Then I will check and see if you have misconfigured anything.

25/06-12 19:01