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#1 : 28/10-08 11:47
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Is there a way to start the program with arguments in command line mode?
Maybe like:
aren -f c:\folder -a "argument;argument;argument"
aren -f c:\folder -m methodlist
or something else ...
Thank you for a great prog.

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#2 : 28/10-08 20:25
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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At the moment there is no support for command line arguments. I have thought about making it but it requires a pretty big change to some core functionality of Advanced Renamer. It has been requested before so I might make support for it some day.

The biggest problem is that Advanced Renamer requires alot of arguments to set up the batch. I have thought about making a settings file that can be send to the program as a command line argument. That way it is also possible to run similar batcher over and over again.

28/10-08 20:25
#3 : 29/10-08 10:09
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If its possible to put the path(s) to Both folders and files into "add method", then its possible to "build a job"
to a method list and then maybe you just need the
the "argument" methodlist when send a command like:

aren methodlist

Then you can build different kinds of jobs and later on calling to them command wise.

Just a little suggestion /Stefan

29/10-08 10:09