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#1 : 26/08-12 05:18
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Is it possible to create methods that will also filter the results? For example I constantly have to rename the jpg in each music album folder to folder.jpg, I have created a method that changes the name of the album cover art to folder.jpg, but it would be nice if it would remember to filter only the .jpg extensions also when it runs instead of having to manually change the filter if I run a different saved method. This may be something you could include in future versions.

I LOVE your renamer and will be recommending it to others, it is very good, especially for free. I hope you get many donations, it is worth it.

26/08-12 05:18
#2 : 26/08-12 22:14
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Usually there is no need for a filter method. If you only want to add the jpg's of a series of folders you can drag and drop the folder onto Advanced Renamer and in the Filename Mask type *.jpg. The will only include the jpg files.

26/08-12 22:14
#3 : 24/09-12 19:44
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Yes, I realized that. I do several different operations to different files, I was just suggesting that the MASK be built into the method so it would be an even more customized simple way of selecting your method, selecting the folders and then starting the batch.

Your software works well, I am just suggesting for a future feature that would save a few steps for me and others who would like a specific file type mask saved with each different saved operation that we would perform.

Thanks again for your response.

24/09-12 19:44
#4 : 30/09-12 15:59
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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I agree a filename mask filter as a method would be extremely useful. I have hundreds of folders with digitial photos (.JPG) mixed in with several digital videos (.AVI) from digital cameras that can take videos. I want to build two file renaming saved methods that will 1) rename just the JPG files in a folder and 2) rename just the AVI files in a folder.

The reason I want to do this is because I want different sequential numbering for the JPGs and AVIs and I insert a "V" in a datestamp in the filename for all video files.

I know I can use the filename mask option in the "Add Folder" function, but it would be a heck of a lot easier to simply add the entire folder (or folders) without concern for how many different file types exist in the folders and then apply the individual JPG / AVI renames.

Also, another enhancement request: When you load a saved method, it would be nice to display the name of the saved method in the title bar or somewhere where you can see what method you're working with.



P.S. I made a donation for your software - it's an EXCELLENT utility that's saving me hours of tedious work!

30/09-12 15:59
#5 : 05/04-13 20:39
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I found SailorGuy's post looking for both functionalities he has written above. Even the reasons he mentions are my reasons. So I'd like to support his requests.

As far as method name is concerned: Presets: dropdown list bar is currently empty. It could show the current preset (method).

05/04-13 20:39 - edited 05/04-13 20:58