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#1 : 31/08-12 21:02
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Great to see unicode, javascript scripting and 64-bit support!
Also, what compiler are you using?

Thank you for this great program. I did try to get involved by contributing a Romanian translation in the past, but I'd only made it to the half of it... maybe I'll try again soon.

I'm just a happy and very thankful user.

31/08-12 21:02
#2 : 31/08-12 21:47
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
I am glad you like the software and the new great feature. I am also very excited about what can be done with these new features. To answer your question I am using the Delphi compiler. JavaScript support is provided by the Mozilla SpiderMonkey library.

I really hope you can finish the translation. I know it is kinda a big job for the initial translation, but it really helps to spread the software to more people around the world.

31/08-12 21:47