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#1 : 25/09-12 01:13
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Just tried the program for the first time-excellent thanks!
is it possible to move folder and its files to a new created folder name based on the first or second original dir name?
or even better based on artist id3 tag?
ie dir name: Katy_Perry-Teenage_Dream-The_Complete_Confection-2012
need to move completely with its mp3 files to a new dir called Katy_Perry

25/09-12 01:13
#2 : 26/09-12 21:41
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
You cannot move folders based on file attributes like artist or album. But you can move the files to new folders based on the artist or album attribute. Any non existing folder will be created automatically when running the batch. If you change the batch mode to Move you can use tags in the output folder pattern. Verify the new paths in the list prior to starting the batch.

26/09-12 21:41