Rename one image file to miltiple filenames

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#1 : 27/09-12 22:41
R Shah
R Shah
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Thanks very much for this software. It was easy to download and will be very useful for me.

Right now I'm trying to take one image file and give it multiple filenames (up to a 1,000). Is it possible to do this in the software without having to copy the single image for the required number of images and then renaming the files.
Since it is the exact same image required under different names, I'm trying to avoid the step of creating the multiple images first.

Example, I have one image file named 'Frontview.tif'. I want to end up with multiple images with alphanumeric filenames similar to:
....and so on.

The filenames are not sequential. I will input them from an Excel list of filenames.

Thanks for your help.

R Shah

27/09-12 22:41
#2 : 27/09-12 23:01
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Advanced Renamer cannot make more than one copy in one batch. Replicating a file to 1000 new files is not possible with the program.

27/09-12 23:01
#3 : 28/09-12 08:14
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Just create thousand copies of your file,
e.g. with your filemanager, even DOS will do:

<CODE> 8< snip - snip
ECHO Copy one file to many into the same folder, Stefan 2012 & ECHO. & ECHO.
REM Here: copy "Frontview.tif"
REM to "Frontview_0001.tif", "Frontview_0002.tif'", "Frontview_0003.tif'",...
REM ====================================================
REM === User Settings ===
SET BASE=Frontview
REM ====================================================
REM === The Code, don't touch ===
if not exist %BASE%%EXTE% GoTo ERROR
ECHO working, please wait...
setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
REM Copy "Base.Exte" (<start at>,<step>,<max amount>) to "Base_0001.Exte"
for /L %%D in (1,1,%AMOUNT%) DO (
SET digit=0000%%D
SET digit=!digit:~-4!
copy %BASE%%EXTE% %BASE%_!digit!%EXTE%
ECHO. & ECHO All done! & PAUSE & GoTo :EOF
ECHO. & ECHO Base file %BASE%%EXTE% not found? & ECHO. & PAUSE
REM ====================================================
</CODE> snip - snip >8

Then use List method and your list to rename them.

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28/09-12 08:14
#4 : 23/04-13 12:47
Russell White
Russell White
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I modified the batch file, created a directory full of images, ran dirtohtml by Jem E Berkes (could not find the program for a link but there are I'm sure many others which will do a similar job), copied the list of new filenames into my csv and voila!

23/04-13 12:47