Find and rename folders with (1), (2), (3) in the name and merge all 3 with the original

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#1 : 06/05-19 19:04
Bill Warren
Bill Warren
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I have a folder with thousands of nested subfolders in which there were Duplicates that were named Folder, Folder (1), Folder (2), Folder (3) I want to rename the folders that have the (1), (2), (3) and merge into the original folder. I realize that this can be done manually but there are 200-300 some odd instances of this. I was hoping this would be able to handle this procedure. I set up the pattern as a rename \ \(\d\) I have the Name Collision Rule to ignore. Could you suggest any ideas how I might achieve this with Advanced Renamer?

06/05-19 19:04
#2 : 07/05-19 08:47
David Lee
David Lee
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I don't think that this is possible using Advanced Renamer.

However it can be achieved easily using a Windows batch file:

@Echo off
pushd "C:\path\to\your\base\folder"
for /f "Tokens=1* Delims=(" %%A in (
'Dir /B /AD *(*'
) Do If Not Exist "%%A" (
Ren "%%A(%%B" "%%A"
) Else (
Move /Y "%%A(%%B\*" "%%A\"
RmDir "%%A(%%B"

The batch parses the output of the dir by splitting the dir names at the delimiter "(", %%A being the first token and %%B the remainder. If a dir like the first token doesn't exist it is renamed, if it does the content of the long-named dir is forcibly moved and the dir removed afterwards.
Edit the path to suit your environment.

I can't claim any credit for this solution - the code and explanation is adapted from: erge-folders-with-similar-names-with-a-b atch-file

However I have tested it and it works for me.

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