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#1 : 20/05-19 15:34
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Hi folks,

reading thru this forum, I found some date format issues, but none worked for me.

I'd like to change filenames that have the format:

yyyy-mm-dd Name.pdf

Separating with a dot, wasn't a good idea, I know.
Is there an easy way to accomplish that?

Really cool would be, if the date could be written to createDate, too.
But this isn't essential for me.

Thanks in advance

20/05-19 15:34
#2 : 21/05-19 00:14
David Lee
David Lee
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This should be obvious if you read the User Guide!


1. Replace method
Text to be replaced: (\d{2}).(\d{2}).(\d{4})
Replace with: \3-\2-\1
Use regular expressions

2. Timestamp method...
Apply to: Created date and time
Pattern: <Day>.<Month>.<Year>

21/05-19 00:14