Enhancement requests: Filename mask / show saved method name

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#1 : 30/09-12 16:02
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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FYI... I posted this same topic as a reply to another forum question, but decided to add it as a new topic.

A filename mask filter as a method would be extremely useful. I have hundreds of folders with digitial photos (.JPG) mixed in with several digital videos (.AVI) from digital cameras that can take videos. I want to build two file renaming saved methods that will 1) rename just the JPG files in a folder and 2) rename just the AVI files in a folder.

The reason I want to do this is because I want different sequential numbering for the JPGs and AVIs and I insert a "V" in a datestamp in the filename for all video files.

I know I can use the filename mask option in the "Add Folder" function, but it would be a heck of a lot easier to simply add the entire folder (or folders) without concern for how many different file types exist in the folders and then apply the individual JPG / AVI renames.

Also, another enhancement request: When you load a saved method, it would be nice to display the name of the saved method in the title bar or somewhere where you can see what method you're working with.



P.S. I made a donation for your software - it's an EXCELLENT utility that's saving me hours of tedious work!

30/09-12 16:02