About translation

Thanks to all the translators who have helped make this software available in other languages than English.

Language Author Progress
ArabicOmar Einea 91% complete
CatalanAntònia Bellalta91% complete
Chinese (Simplified)-=XARA=-85% complete
CzechJosef Duštíra91% complete
DanishKim Jensen100% complete
GermanBastian Wiegmann91% complete
SpanishCannie91% complete
SpanishSergi Medina91% complete
FinnishJ. Hurtig63% complete
FrenchSimon Cayuela94% complete
GreekΣπύρος Κρικέλης-(Spyros Krikelis)74% complete
Italian92% complete
JapaneseTilt94% complete
Koreansheppaul91% complete
DutchRené Diepenbroek92% complete
PolishŁukasz SEWERYN - continuation of translation done by fenixproductions (TC UP team)94% complete
Portuguese (Brazil)93% complete
RomanianCrystek Chris92% complete
RussianPolyakov Vasily91% complete
SwedishOlof Sundqvist (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/olof-sundqvist/2a/9 a1/687)77% complete
Slovakphoto.kubala_ at _gmail.com91% complete
SlovenianVinko Kastelic96% complete
TurkishAtilla ATEŞ91% complete
Chinese (Traditional)Hightfly 61% complete

If you want to supply your own translation of Advanced Renamer in your native language, please check this page.