About this product

Welcome to the Advanced Renamer user guide. In this document you will be guided through the process of using Advanced Renamer. Use the menu to the left to navigate through this user guide.

I have tried to include all aspects of the program that needs a little explaining in this guide. If you think something is missing or there is something you don't understand, then please use the contact page to inform me.

Advanced Renamer is a freeware program I started developing some time ago. I only work on it in my spare time, and don't make any money on it. In the beginning, Advanced Renamer wasn't rich in features, but over time, it has evolved to be a batch renamer with a lot of features and ways to rename.

"But what can the program do for me?", you might ask. Advanced Renamer does not make it easier to rename a single file, but when you have a lot of files, you can use this application to rename all the files in no time. The seven different methods make this program a strong batch renamer. The methods are: NewName, NewCase, Remove, List, Replace, Add, and Attributes. It is also possible to test the renaming before actually renaming the files.