New name method

Batch method New Name Use the New Name Method when you want to completely alter the filenames. This method is useful when you don't want to use any parts of the filenames and give them completely new names. Tags are used to give each file or folder in the list a unique name. Use the hyperlink buttons to insert tags that gives certain information about the files.

 - Learn more about tags.


Pattern dialog Patterns
If you want to save and load different patterns for the New Name Method, you can click the "..." button and the Pattern Dialog will appear.

Type in your new pattern and click the Add button. The new pattern will be added to the list.
To edit a pattern, just select it from the list, edit it and click the Edit button.
Click the New button to make a new pattern and click Add when done.
To delete a pattern, right click it in the list and select Delete or use the Del button on your keyboard.