Create a folder for each file name and then move each file into its own folder

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#1 : 30/07-20 04:08
Earl Kent
Earl Kent
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I have several hundred movie files on a hard drive. I want to create a folder for each one of these movie files using the file name without the extension and then move each file into its own folder.
Any help would be extremely appreciated!


30/07-20 04:08
#2 : 30/07-20 08:31
David Lee
David Lee
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Have you checked through recent posts?

"Sort Files to Folders by renaming the file path?" - 17/07/20 um_id=11109

Edit: Actually much simpler in your case and obvious if you bother to read the UserGuide!

Just use the Move Batch Mode and set the Output folder using the <Name> tag.

30/07-20 08:31 - edited 30/07-20 09:01