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#1 : 22/05-21 17:43
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Hi ... I should delete all extensions ... I have been for more than two hours and still have not succeeded! These files have a double extension and each time the program always and only considers the first extension !!! It seems really ridiculous to me for such a simple thing!!!

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#2 : 22/05-21 22:46
David Lee
David Lee
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WRONG! As far as Windows is concerned there is ONLY ONE file extension - the characters following the final dot. Any previous dot and its subsequent characters are part of the FILENAME. If you delete the extension and there is another dot within the filename then Windows will recognize what follows this dot as a new extension - so Advanced Renamer is behaving completely correctly.

As you say, though, it IS a simple thing to remove all "extensions" and it should be blindingly obvious.

Simply use a Replace method...

Replace: ".*"
With nothing
Apply to "Name and extension"

22/05-21 22:46
#3 : 24/05-21 01:03
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There is nothing to do! Each time it deletes everything except the last extension!

These are the files:

index1.10 -> (index1) CORRECT
index1.11 -> (index1.11) ERROR. NO EFFECT
index1.12 - > (index1.12) ERROR. NO EFFECT
index1.13 -> .....
index1.14 -> ....
index1.15 ...
index1.16 ....

and i used "replace" method, but delete everything axcept extension!... try and see....

(PS. IT WORKS ONLY and always on the FIRST of the list... in all the others the method has no effect)


I realized that if I disable the "pair meaning" option everything works correctly ... what is that?

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#4 : 24/05-21 09:47
David Lee
David Lee
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Reply to #3:

Read the User Guide: airs

Also update history (see ver 3.84):

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