Is Advanced Renamer still being upgraded (active development)?

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#1 : 22/07-21 14:33
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
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I have noticed that the last update to Advanced Renamer was version 3.87 which was released on Oct 13, 2020.

Is Kim Jensen (or someone) still actively developing AREN?

I am curious because I just submitted a few enhancement requests and I am wondering if AREN is a still a product with a future of new features and functionality.

Thank you,

Sailor Guy

22/07-21 14:33
#2 : 22/07-21 14:49
Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen
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Reply to #1:
It is still in active development. A preview of version 3.88 has just been released on the download page.

I have this problem that every time I release a new version, shitty Microsoft Defender marks it as malicious. After a contact with support, they will fix the false positive, but it takes days and in the mean time I have to reply to numerous mails from concerned users. Microsoft might not mark it as dangerous before it is installed on thousand of computers. This makes releasing new version complicated. I would rather release a new version every few weeks, even though it would include less new features.

Development has also been slowed by the creation of a version for MacOS, which has never been officially released. Progress has been slow and I am not satisfied with the results.

22/07-21 14:49
#3 : 23/07-21 00:10
Sailor Guy
Sailor Guy
Posts: 40
Hi, Kim,

It's great to hear you are still developing AREN! I was a bit concerned for a while.

This is truly one of my most heavily used tools in my digital scanning and conversion business. And I have recommended AREN to many of my friends and business associates.

I paid for a license years ago, but frankly feel guilty that I haven't supported you financially over the past few years. I will gladly pay an annual maintenance fee or, in the absence of a formal support agreement, I am willing to make a donation to the cause. How can I do that?

And while I have your attention (:^) and since you are working on a new release...

Could you please consider including the following enhancements on displaying the loaded method name on the title bar and defaulting the loaded method filename when you click Save?

Enhancement Requests: Show the loaded method name / Default filename on "Save" um_id=11955

These would certainly help people like myself who have dozens of method files that I switch between frequently. More than once, I've click Save and picked the wrong AREN file. Thank goodness I have backups to restore from.

Thanks for considering these 2 enhancements!

I'm looking forward to 3.88 and new features and functionality! BTW, I don't the 3.88 preview on the download page.

Thanks for such a great product, Kim!

Sailor Guy

23/07-21 00:10
#4 : 16/08-21 10:02
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Reply to #3:
I'd like to vote for the suggested enhancements to Method Names.

Also, like Sailor Guy, I'd like to donate some more cash too - what's your PayPalMe Id?

16/08-21 10:02