Enhancement request - show methods summaries on the top of the dropdown

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#1 : 28/08-21 23:57
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Hi Kim and congratulations for a great programme.

I am setting up my first preset which has several consecutive methods in it.
It would be very helpful for troubleshooting and adjusting presets to different source filenames, to see a summary of the action and position in the top bar of each method item when collapsed,, for example:

"+1: Timestamp Created,Modified; Filename pattern"
"+2: Add <ExifTool:MediaCreateDate>; 1"
"+3: Remove 2, -1" (for remove count 2, starting at 1 backwards)
"+4: Add "-"; 5"
"+5: Add "-"; 8"
"+6: Replace " ","_"; 1st"
"+10: Add " (<ExifTool:Duration>)"; -0" (for position 0, backwards)
"+11: Replace "_","h"; 2nd"

Even just a simplified version, showing just the first component, would save trawling through several to find what needs to be changed!

(I have supported a similar request for showing preset names at https://www.advancedrenamer.com/forum_thread?for um_id=11955)

Many thanks for your consideration of this. :)
version 3.88

28/08-21 23:57 - edited 29/08-21 00:47