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#1 : 20/11-17 02:38
Yap Chen Loon
Yap Chen Loon
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Dear Support Group,

I need some help in renaming files in folders. I have numerous files such as abcdMRWQM_Chemistry_KL1707384 - Copy.csv with KL1707384 is the running number eg. KL1707384..., KL170738....I wish to shorten the file name as below and doing this for all the files in the folder.

To rename:
abcdMRWQM_Chemistry_KL1707384 - Copy.csv to MRWQM-Chemistry_KL1707384.csv

1) remove abcd
2) change the first underscore to dash
3) remove - Copy

How can I do that? Kindly help. Can I use wildcards like * to maintain those letters i wanted? Thank you.

20/11-17 02:38
#2 : 20/11-17 09:44
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Reply to #1:

abcdMRWQM_Chemistry_KL1707384 - Copy.csv

1) remove abcd >>> you have to find a common rule to detect that 'abcd',
are that for example: always the first four signs? d_remove

2) change the first underscore to dash >>> ok, can be done, f.ex. with d_replace

3) remove ' - Copy' >>> ok, can be done, f.ex. with d_removepattern


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20/11-17 09:44