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#1 : 20/05-18 11:36
Peter Malling
Peter Malling
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I found that by changing the settings I can indeed make AR show the correct EXIF tag: ngs_imagefiles

After changing this to "Date original" or "ExifTool DateOriginal " it shows the correct date. This applies to scanned pictures where the EXIF date has been set through the scanning program.

However, it doesn't seem that the date shown in the main window is updated when the date is changed, for instance using the "Metadata" functionality within AR - only after the file is re-imported the correct metadata information will show. But that's another thing.


How come that the date taken tag doesn't show in the AR main window, even though the EXIF tag seems to be correctly set?


AR main window: 0window.JPG?dl=0

ExifTool: ol%20data.JPG?dl=0

Windows Properties: s%20Properties.JPG?dl=0

Here is another sample - it seems that indeed the date shown in the main window takes the date from another tag than DateTimeOriginal, it could be either CreateDate or FileCreateDate? DateTimeOriginal.JPG?dl=0

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Peter, Denmark

/Peter Malling, Denmark

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This is something that I can't convince Kim, the author, to address :(

Please see um_id=4933

and more succinctly um_id=4968

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