Image tags

These tags only work on a selected amount of image files. Some tags, like the width and height, work on most images, other tags like Author and Copyright needs valid Exif information embedded in the image files. Also note that not all tags are supported by all cameras.

<Img Width> Inserts the image width if possible.
<Img Height> Inserts the image height if possible.
<Img Year:X>
<Img Month:X>
<Img Day>
<Img Hour>
<Img Min>
<Img Sec>
Use these tags to insert date and time values for the date the picture was taken.

See <Month> tag for a description of the parameter for the <Img Month> tag.

<Img Subsec> Will insert the subsecond part of the EXIF information. This value is not always present in jpeg files but some cameras will add this value when taking pictures in burst mode.
<Img DPI> Inserts the image resolution as dots per inch.
<Img Width Inch>
<Img height Inch
<Img Width Cm>
<Img Height Cm>
<Img Width Mm>
<Img Height Mm>
These tags are special width/height tags for adding the width or height in inches, centimeters, or millimeters to the filename. The width and height in pixels are used with the DPI resolution embedded in metadata in the file. If no DPI-value is present 72 is used as a default.
<Img Author> Inserts the Author value of the EXIF-information of the image.
<Img Copyright> Inserts the Copyright value of the EXIF-information of the image.
<Img CameraMake>
Name of camera vendor (Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.)
<Img CameraModel>
Name of camera model (EOS60D, D7000, Alpha A 550)
<Img Subject>
Inserts the Subject value of the EXIF-information of the image.
<Img Title>
Inserts the Title value of the EXIF-information of the image.
<Img Aperture>  
<Img Brightness>  
<Img FocalLength>
<Img ISO>
<Img ShutterSpeed>
<Img ExposureTime>
<Img Contrast>
Resulting values can be: Soft, Normal, Hard
<Img ExposureMode>
Resulting values can be: Auto exposure, Manual exposure, Auth bracket
<Img ExposureProgram>
Resulting values can be: Not defined, Manual, Normal program, Aperture priority, Shutter speed, Creative program, Action program, Portrait mode, Landscape mode
<Img Saturation>
Resulting values can be: Low, Normal, High
<Img Sharpness>
Resulting values can be: Soft, Normal, Hard
<Img WhiteBalance>
Resulting values can be: Auto, Manual