Case: I have taken a bunch of pictures with my digital camera and want to change the file names from something like DSCF3028.jpg or something more useful with the date and time the picture was taken in the file name of the picture.

Most digital cameras store information about the picture directly in the picture file when it is taken. Advanced Renamer can use this information to give the file a name with the date and time the picture was taken.

Do the following:

  1. Add the files to the list.
  2. If there is methods in the list click the Clear Methods toolbar button.
  3. Click Add Method.
  4. Select New Name method and click OK.
  5. In the text box type: <IMG Year>-<IMG Month>-<IMG Day>_<IMG Hour>-<IMG Min>-<IMG Sec>.<Ext>
  6. Verify the names in the list and click Start Batch.

Tips: If you have taken more than one picture within a second this will not work because more than one file will get the same name. To make it work you need to change the Name Collision Rule to Append Incrementing Number or Append Img Subsec.